Published on March 18, 2018 by

Did you know that there is an Amerian City where the power infrastructure is so far behind that electricity bills are higher than normal. This is happening right now in the City of New Owleans, people form lines to sign up for the Low-Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), a federal grant assist citizens with utlity bills. Sadly, New Orleans has the highest electricity burn rate burdens in the country, meaning the energy bill is the highest one to maintain. Everyone knows that solar renewable solutions can fix these issue, but when people cant pay for the solar panels upfront, then there is a problem. When your energy efficiency is poor like New Orleans, and government programs like LIHEAP have already been cut by a 1/3 since 2009.

There are rumors President Trump  to eliminate LIHEAP, along with similar programs like the Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program. The programs are still funded, but no one knows what will happen in the future for ye ole Bourbon ST.