About ENN

Energy News Now is the first energy network dedicated to educating the general public on energy business, markets, companies, and their struggle to power the world’s ever growing demand for energy. Public perception of energy in the world today has been greatly influenced by decades of environmental concern tied to politics. As a result, the majority of knowledge about the energy sector is based on broad opinions rather than concise facts. Our unique approach to energy news focuses on providing the most relevant and important facts about the energy industry, allowing consumers to decide for themselves on energy matters. Instead of defaulting to political biases.


ENN is committed to making the public understand that in a democracy where energy is becoming more and more a central part of our country’s identity, your thoughts on the subject are crucial to making the best energy policies. The United States endeavor to achieve energy dominance is influenced greatly by legislation detailing how the industry works. But without a public educated on how and why these policies are of consequence, we will be unable to attain the best energy future possible. ENN seeks to make certain that energy is properly managed by producers and consumers alike in the greater interest of appropriately benefitting the globe .Our primary goal is to create a world in which energy is affordable, available, and sustainable. We labor towards making our goal a reality through fruition of our purpose, mission, and vision.

Educate producers and consumers about the realities, challenges, possibilities, and ideals of the world’s energy and environmental health future.

Supply the world with knowledge using fact oriented information on all energy sources. This includes distribution, consumption, futures, affordability, sustainability, availability, power generation, refining, petrochemicals, drilling, exploration, pipelines, offshore and onshore production, turbine and solar panel construction, cutting edge innovations, andmuch, much more.

To provide the world with understandable, clear, and useful fact based information about the future of energy and the environment for people of all ages with a focus on the American public. At ENN, we designate the utmost care to making certain that energy and the environment not only survive in the long and bright future to come, but thrive through knowledge and, consequently, legislation geared towards their coexistence.

Founder and CEO, Johnathan Gwyn served as Brand Manager of VivaVision (formerly Inetcam), and led the brand into mobile phone based streaming channels, to become an Inc. 500 fastest growing company, and delivered live streaming video to an audience of over 300,000,000 worldwide. In addition, Johnathan founded the first English speaking TV Network for Hispanics, and is an award-winning producer of over 150 TV production credits.

Provicom, a super-producing team of Emmy Award winners, with over 25 years of production and media technology experience, developed the first live news broadcast for Telemundo.

The ENN Advisory Board includes Top Executives from Univision, Showtime, YouTube, and HBO.

ENN is a pulse point for the industry, delivering up to the minute, 24/7, energy news. Last summer, a group of very savvy energy investors and television news entrepreneurs joined together to launch Energy News Now. ENN is a new, Houston-based, multi-platform news and information network for TV – based entirely on ENERGY & POWER and the markets that drive them. The connection to Houston’s energy industry is clear and obvious and the up-to-the-minute market coverage on ENN reflects that.